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$campaign = new RocketSendIt();
$campaign->subject = 'Monthly Special!';
$campaign->text = 'Dear [[name]] we have a special on widgets!';
$campaign->html = '<html><body><p>Dear [[name]], we have a new special!</p></body></html>';
// Add as many recipients as you want
$recipient = new RocketRecipient();                                                 
$recipient->email = '';
$recipient->params = array('name' => 'Mark');

// No need to worry about AWS daily limits or sends/sec throttles,
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Why RocketSendIt?

RocketSendIt is perfect for developers/site owners that want to programmatically send marketing or transactional emails. RocketSendIt utilizes Amazon's cloud services to maximize email deliverability. RocketSendIt's super easy to use client makes integration a snap. You don't have to worry about queuing emails, making sure you have enough credits, worry about hitting your sending limit, or how to create an HTML multi-part email.

All you need to provide is your message in text, an optional HTML version, and a list of recipients. If you reached your Amazon send limit we will try again later. RocketSendIt allows you to keep a reserve set of emails so you never have to worry about reaching your Amazon limit when an important transactional email needs to be sent.


Quick and Easy Deployment

RocketSendIt makes it easy to send emails by providing you with an easy to use client in your favorite programming language

Don't worry about queues, if your AWS account is full we will send it as soon as your are allotted more email

Optionaly keep a reserve tank of emails for high priority or transactional emails

Don't worry about how to create and structure a proper RFC formatted multipart html email. Just give us a text version and an html version and we will do the rest.

Cloud Powered

Powered by Amazon SES


Send hundreds, thousands or millions of emails and maximize your campaigns deliverability.


Schedule Delivery

Schedule emails to go out today, tomorrow, or friday.

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